Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

I'm feeling out of it, as my computer and workspace are in different rooms. Sitting here I'm far from my jewelry making supplies, yet while in my studio there is so much to be done to make the room functional. Paul help me get several boxes of books out of the room, as I feel there is no point in trying to put of selves, when the rain is coming in from the leak in the roof.

Until the roof is repaired, one whole side of the room is unusable. The plaster is crumbling off the wall around the windows and covers the few items I am not able to move myself away from the wall.

Still it's the one room I can have my Altar in and know that nothing will be disturbed. With the water foundation running the room becomes a magical place to work, music playing in the background. It's my space and I treasure it, but still feel it needs so much more before I can work comfortably without constant having to move clutter out of my way. I need the selves and hooks for my tools and beads. Jars for the beads, that now I keep in quart size bags. Draws and hooks for string supplies and findings. The List go on and on.

Then there is the fact that I need a workbench for metalsmithing. I'm not sure if I want it in the same room or in the upstairs Kitchen. We don't use the kitchen for anything right now but storage of some of cans of food and a ton of cookware we rarely need. It's the prefect room for any messy work and cutting and polishing metal certainly qualifies for being messy. Once I get soldering supplies and a torch, I'll want to have a place to work safely by the sink in there, so a jeweler's bench makes sense in there.

Now I just need to figure out a way to make this all happen. I know one person who would be a great help in making the bench and soldering station. Both would have to be easily moved for the time being, as we have no idea when work will start on the roof and repairing the walls and windows.

As to getting my computer upstairs, well I have a wireless router I can replace our current router with and then just need a wireless network card and a better desk set up. There is another computer desk in the master bedroom, that Lindsey last used. It's an old one we got for our first computer back when she was small. Now it's just used to hold clutter, it may do for now.

What I need is to set a date for all of this to be done. I would like to have space for metal work so to get more ornaments made before the holidays, but at the moment don't see how I can manage getting anything without Paul's support. He doesn't see things as I do in terms of needs and wants. Just having him move several boxes today was very important to me, as for so much of the time he is the normal male, only seeing jobs around the house that deal with his space. Yes there is shared space through out the house, but at times there has to be focus on making both of us happy and sometimes I feel I don't ask him for enough help in making me comfortable also.

At least I know once the repairs are done on the house and walls painted, I will be able to bring in some major pieces of furniture I have inherited from my parents. The few items I already have here, have been oasis of comfort for me. To see my great grand mother's paintings and the carved dinning chairs and chest, mean so much in making this a home I want to live in. They were a comfort of my childhood, that I have always treasured.

Just writing all this down has helped me feel better, knowing I have goals that are important to my business getting on it's feet. By next May I hope to have enough inventory to display at Balticon and CPC gathering that I will finally see a small profit. Until then I dream of a better future for myself. One where I'm not just disable person, but an Artist and Jeweler, who work sells well, and my name is Ellen Montgomery, who makes wonderful items for others to enjoy.

Monday, August 01, 2011

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