Thursday, June 04, 2009

Storms and Pain

The last few days we been hit with some rather nasty thunderstorms. they are all along a front that is along a line going west to east instead of the normal North to south fronts we normally get this time of year from the mountains west of us. Course I'm not sure any of this makes sense as I'm not about to go drawing a picture for you on paint or link to satellite feeds. I'm in pain, not a meteorologist.

Yes for every storm that goes though because the front is bring a string of storms my way, I'm flaring with nerve pain that makes even soft caresses painful. My fingertips burn and each step is like walking on hot coals. I'm not about to be nice about anyone who comes near to triggering more pain. They are just lucky I'm not carrying any weapons at the moment. Though I do have forks and other objects in reach to inflict pain on others who push my trigger too hard.

Still I'm able to be nice and smile at people willing to stand back outside of my personal space. Paul can enter my space, as long as he asks first. The grandkids are the exception to the rule, as their hugs always are sure to make me smile. Still they know grandma can't always be touched, on her bad days. While I love the hugs, on days like this my lap is off limits.

Funny thing is I'm not running to the bottle of pain medication until the burning gets red hot. Which is currently happening along my right shin. when it takes me a minute to think which leg I'm writing about, it's time to dig out the bottle and hope for some relief. Now my right arm is feeling a bit charred. The pain is like some interal furnace, feed by the change in air pressure and static electricity. It's time now to go hide in my bedroom and read more short stories by Eric Flint. He's made me wish I had copies of some of the works he did with Dave Fleer. Wish i could remember the name for those reading this. If you're out there, I might be nice to respond to comments when I feel better. I need to make note to write down information of favorite books with made up names, and keep it handy for furture posts.

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