Friday, October 06, 2006

Bad Fall for chonic pain weather wise.

Since my last post I haven't had 2 good days in a row, were pain hasn't been a issuse. It has been raining a lot and when we do get a nice day, it is couple with a front of low pressure bring in the next storm.

Thankfully I was able to deal with the pain last weekend, for I wasn't about to miss spending time with grandkids at book festival. Meeting Elmo and Kevin Clash was the highlight of what was a totally great time, with Ian and Erin, though it meant I went home, barely able to walk due to the pain.

Prolbem with hips hurting and migraine trying to sideline me this week, is that I'm not making it into CRP like I should. I need to get to Safeway to pick up my refills today and the rainy weather isn't helping me want to get out and take a bus all the way to Charles Village.

Just notice yesterdays Baltimore Sun, Maryland section and fact that plans to build a resort near Blackwater wildlife refuge has been block. With Ehrlich as govenor and how he tried to sell off so much state land, while in office, this is great news. Shame he and O'Malley couldn't agree to allow their debate to be aired on live TV. O'Malley comes across better then Ehrlich from what I've seen so far, so I have hope for state, though it would mean we will get a mayor I can't trust to keep city moving forward.

Guess I'll try calling Jamie and see if I can get a ride to Safeway. If I want to get a decent night's sleep I need to get my medications.