Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tree Ornaments I been asked for.

The one item that I got asked a lot about was the Tree ornament, that was my second sale at the Chesapeake Pagan Community Gathering this month. The first was a copper braided wire bracelet. While it isn't hard for me to make more of the bracelets, the work involve in cutting out a tree in the copper sheet and then finishing the ornament is just about the hardest thing I done, so far.

Here are photos of the first tree ornament that sold at CPC Gathering and the ornament I'm currently working on. Its' almost finish, as I don't want to over work it, but just don't feel it quite done yet. First the tree sold at CPC Gathering.

Then the other ornament in process from when I cut out the tree.

Here it is almost done, but for a few places I feel need to be buffed more to hide the scratches from drawing the tree and shape of the ornament on the copper.

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New Jewelry Photos part 2

The picture of the Copper wire wrap stones is for my business card. I have been adding the necklaces to my Etsy site.

I plan to have the business cards printed out just after I get my paper work for my Trade Name submitted. Then I'll have business plan started for SSI Pass Program hopefully and begin the process of graduating from the Day program I been going to for my depression. I feel that during the last 2 months, I shown myself that having a activity that I am enjoying as much as working on my jewelry and seeing it can sell, has lifted me out of my lack of motivation to try and see what I'm possible of.

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Recent uploads of Jewelry I've maded.

I took these photos of several necklaces I made for posting on my Etsy account at

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