Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm back

Since joining FaceBook I've found myself posting far less the longer I've been online. It's been just over a year since my last post here and life hasn't change much other then finding myself in a rut. I talked to my doctor and we change my medications slightly, in hope that the new medication will help get my mood up and muse back. I have spent some of the money I'm getting from my dad's estate on metal craft and jewelry supplies but found myself with a bad case of artist block. It's the same thing as writer's block and I tend to suffer it when my mood is low.

As for Pain I'm taking the day off so to let my left hip recover. Paul and I was checking out the new Visitor Center at Fort McHenry Monday and my hip pop out of joint while walking on the grass. Pain wasn't too bad at first, but by time I got home from NBC It was nagging enough to decide not to go in today. By time Paul got home, the pain was so bad, I could barely get up and walk.

When I got up early this morning it wasn't too bad, but sitting here I notice it going to take a few more days of rest before I will be able to walk comfortable around the house. I would love to learn how to keep my hop from popping like this, has it seems to happen more often lately.

Mood is 7 and pain is 8 unfortunately while 7 is good for mood (10 being insanely happy) a 8 pain wise means you need something a lot stronger then cover the counter pain killers.

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