Wednesday, July 04, 2007

230 Years since The Declaration of Independence was signed.

The Declaration of Independence was written 230 years ago, but right now I feel that celebrating the holiday would be an act of hypercritical. I cannot support the farce of the Federal Government that Bush and Cheney have created. Instead I have spent the day working at digging a hole to plant my Coreopsis in and then reading the reactions to Bush's commune of Shooter Libby's sentence for perjury. What set me off was Kieth Olbermann's calling for Bush and Cheney to resign from office. I agree with everything he said about our current Executive branch. It makes me sick to think how so many have spent their lives, to build this nation only to have these two trample on the very things the Declaration of Independence proclaim.

I just pray that more public figures are willling to address this, as the primary race heats up. While I want to hear what canidates have to say about the war, provety and education, they pale when one realizes the serious attack to our goverement and Consisitution made so calously by the administration. All of the lectures my mother made about the abuse of power by government officals come back and so I will speak out on forums to add my voice to the chorus.

President Bush, your actions over the last 6 years have show a Totle disreguard for the US Constitution. It is the Duty of the congress to hold impeachment hearings against both you and Cheney for failing to uphold the oaths you made, when you were sworn in, as the President and Vice President of the United States of America. In failing to forfill your duties to the people of the U.S.A, I ask that both you and Dick Cheney resign from office, so that our government can return to protecting the rights that our forfounders went to declare in signing the Declaration of Indepenence.

Ellen Claire Montgomery